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Monique's Hope

Our dearest friend Monique was diagnosed in September 2021 with incurable and inoperable stage 4 MSS colorectal cancer at 36 years old.


Approved and funded treatment options for this disease are somewhat limited. Advances in colorectal cancer research and tumor biomarker testing have been shown to improve treatment outcomes.


Our mission is to raise as much as we can, through the GoFundMe, Organized events and monthly debit order donations, to help fund these treatments and give Monique the best chance to extend and improve her quality of life.


Any amount that you can donate is appreciated, and we thank you in advance.


Many thanks

On behalf of Mons Tribe



Monique was taken off 3rd line treatment, which she was getting at PMH as part of a trial. The treatment was not working. Monique's quality of life deteriorated fast while we were exploring several options, which necessitated halting treatment in order to avoid becoming ineligible for prospective trials we were considering at the time. The trials never came to be, and in the end Monique commenced a re-challenge of first-line therapy with FOLFOX + Panitumumab. Early indications are that the treatment is working, but the side-effects are harsh and potentially permanent so we monitor this closely. 

For now, this treatment buys us time to consider additional treatments. Treatments that would not have been an option until we found out some possibly positive information in May. During Monique's 3rd line treatment at PMH, we learnt that additional tests showed a potentially new target, a HER2 amplification (3+). Our optimal treatment given this new information is not covered by Cancer Care Ontario (CCO). We are now exploring numerous avenues to try and access the medication with a last resort being to fund it ourselves. One of the medications is $14k/month. There will be other lines of therapy to consider as well given the new potentially targetable amplification. See attached image of some of the results from a trial using this medication. These drugs are FDA approved for metastatic CRC...its a matter of time until they are approved here. The question is how much time.

In a nutshell, we continue to navigate the fragmented system as best we can. We will not give up. For now, that's all. There have been many initiatives and activities started to help in our fundraising endeavors. We are so grateful to family, friends and strangers who are contributing to these efforts in our name. We are truly blessed. Thank you!

Our Fundraising Events

We're hosting several events in the coming months to raise money for Monique's treatment in the USA.
We want to support her and make a difference together. Join us and let's have a blast for a good cause!

Donate to the Go Fund Me

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